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January 20, 2008
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Jan 20, 2008, 12:11:17 PM
paniers by Janes-Wardrobe paniers by Janes-Wardrobe
To create the perfect skirt shape the 18th century gowns were worn with several petticaost and a 'hoop' or 'paniers'

This is an example of 'pocket paniers' each piece is boned with sprung steel to hold the shape and the paniers have a bottom that would stop things falling out, it also helps to create the right shape for the paniers.

Made out of cotton these are tied around the waist and the final position adjusted to suit the dress.
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sidneyeileen Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
:wave: Hi! I included this deviation in a news article in honor of Costumery Week in the Artisan Crafts gallery. --> [link]
Janes-Wardrobe Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
Thank you, much appreciated :D
Kebeca1690 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2010
Very enlighting, je vois bien les filles du Roy arriver en Nouvelle-france ainsi équipées!!!! joli travail!
Janes-Wardrobe Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2010
Merci bien (I think) I'm actuallyb English, if your in French Canada your French is probably better than mine ;)
Kebeca1690 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2010
You think right, very beautiful work, Les filles du Roy, were orphans, raised by nuns in France and send in New France, because the colony was mostly men doing the fur trade...not enough women.....
Katikut Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Oh! Mon! Dieu!
Je crois que je suis fan de toi!
Je suis particulièrement attachée à l'histoire de notre pays et particulièrement à la mode qui l'a forgé.

Je ne fais pas de couture non, je suis dans un registre totalement différent, et je pré;pare actuellement mon dessin animé de fins d'études. Le thème c'est justement la mode du 18e. Donc tu te doute bien que je suis doublement à genoux devant ton travail. Mon rêve serait de faire un dessin animé qui rapporterait plein de pognon juste pour ensuite pouvoir commissionner des gens comme toi! Gah le rêve! J'adore me promener à Versailles, mais oui, il manque THE robe pour totalement s'immerger. J'envie ton talent, car indéniablement tu en as énormément! :)
Janes-Wardrobe Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009
Merci beaucoup. Regarde-moi pour les travaux neufs - J'ai de nouvelles choses je serai bientôt de télécharger.

S'il vous plaît pardonner mon français, je suis anglais. Mais ma maison est dans le beau Limousin et maintenant, j'éspére mon français est pas trop mal. ;)

Avec google il est possible pour moi de faire les accents - sans google j'ai un petit probléme mon clavier anglais n'avez pas des clefs avec les accents!
Katikut Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Ohhh I didn't know! Thanks for your answer! Your french is pretty good! It's a pitty, we haven't talented french people who make so wonderful things as you do!
But it's really a good surprise to know that a creator like you is located in France!

I hope you were able to understand all my admiration in my last comment! lol

If you want we can speak in english. Mine is not really good, but I try to do my best, especially on Deviantart! hehe It helps me to improve :)
Janes-Wardrobe Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009
de rien :D

I have lived in France three and a half years now and I registered a dressmaking business with the chambre des metiers. I am hoping to go to the multiperiod market at Pontoise at the end of April.

I speak better French than I read or write but I keep trying. I understood most of your comment and googled it to check I was right :) Your English seems very good - the people of the Limousin don't speak much English so I have had to improve my french :D

When I get home I will have to look at your devaint art pages - I'm on a borrowed computer while I am on holiday in the UK.
Katikut Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Have a nice holiday then! ;)
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